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Welcome to Autoinspectorate

Welcome to Autoinspectorate, one of the premier Company carrying out vehicle inspection services with high class professionalism.

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What is Autoinspectorate

"Autoinspectorate” is the short form for Autoinspectorate India Private Limited, a premier agency for inspection of vehicles for multifarious purposes. The word “Auto” means automobiles and the word “Inspectorate” means an inspecting agency duly licensed to carry out inspection services. This Company was formed under the aegis of Mr. Sachin Mulge, who has about 17 years of experience in vehicle inspection services. He is also a licensed vehicle valuator. It is a common platform for all types of vehicle inspections for multiple purposes

Why vehicle inspections are needed?

Vehicle inspections by experts are assuming greater importance in buying and selling of used cars. The condition of the vehicle and its components play a major role in ascertaining its roadworthiness and its resale value. Inspection by an expert is an essential element in the quest for purchasing or selling used vehicles .

Certification of used vehicles

Most of the vehicle buyers, particularly used cars, are very novice so far as the vehicle mechanisms are concerned. Exterior appearance of the vehicle may look superior. But the major internal components might tell a different story altogether. Even people very much used to buy and sell used cars may not be able to assess the roadworthiness of the vehicles. Even lesser chance would be to identify accidental repairs to vehicles. It is certainly a job for experts.

Valuation of used vehicles

Vehicle inspection is a compulsory requirement of Banks and Financial Institutions before approving vehicle loans. Outward appearance of the vehicle, condition of major components, upholstery, Chrome, Fittings, condition of tires, etc. play an important role in valuation of a vehicle. The lenders certainly would like to ascertain the condition of the vehicle and its reasonable market value. It is a complicated job which is better left to experts.

Pre-insurance Inspection

It is the best tool for Insurance Companies to preempt the possibilities of insuring a vehicle already involved in accident. It helps them to avoid liability on account of accidents taking place during break in insurance period. The inspection can reveal whether the vehicle was involved in any accident earlier or not and facilitate the Insurer to take a decision on accepting or declining the proposal for insurance.

Warranty Inspection

Thorough and critical examination of vehicle, with emphasis on engine, transmission assemblies and components, body, chassis, tires etc for providing warranty / extended warranty. This job can be performed only by an expert.

Autoinspectorate India Private Ltd can be of immense help to intended buyers and sellers of used vehicles. Our Technical Experts will inspect the vehicles very thoroughly and critically and provide an expert opinion on the roadworthiness of the vehicle and its projected value.

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